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I was born in 1978, Granollers (Barcelona-Spain). When I was young I read Spiderman comics. I wanted to be a superhero, but I soon found out that it was impossible, so I started to draw. I studied 3 years in JOSO school in Barcelona. There I learnt the bases of what is my actual understanding of drawing by my professors and classmates. I consider my style as a mix of the European BD school, american superheroes and japanese comics and animation influences.

In 2001 I met my wife, Aintzane Landa, who is also my colorist and assistant. We have lived together in Granada and now we are living in Bilbao. I have two cats (Oshii and Bender) and a dog (Kiba).

I like to work listening to a lot of kinds of music, but I specially like original soundtracks of movies and series.


My latest


DROIT AU BUT! #15 / BD Series

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